Winners of the first Cambridge English Limerick Competition

We are pleased to announce the award winners of the first Cambridge English Limerick Competition.

 The Winner is: Sara Miguel Cournane from 1º de Bachillerato at Colegio Nuestra Señora de Lourdes in Valladolid

“There was a young man in Peru,
Who worked in a really strange zoo,
Where elephants wore pants
And lions could dance.
What a strange place in Peru!”

Sara Miguel Cournane
Teacher: Sonia De Domingo

The Runner-up is: Teresa Diez-Canedo Barrero from 3º de ESO at  Colegio de Fomento Montealto in Madrid:

“There once was a girl called Jenny
Who knew a nice boy called Lenny
She thought he was smart,
So she baked him a tart
But, alas, it was eaten by Jenny!”

Teresa Diez-Canedo Barrero
Teacher: María Teresa López de Tamayo

And a Special Mention for Artistic Creativity goes to Almudena Buerba from 4º de ESO at Colegio de Fomento Las Tablas Valverde in Madrid

Almudena Buerba
Teacher: Gywn Pfender del Hoyo


Dibujo para Cambridge English Limerick Competition


The judging panel, composed by representatives from Cambridge English Language Assessment, Cambridge University Press and the British Embassy, took into account the correct use of the English language, the precision of the rhyming and the creativity involved.

But the decision was a very difficult one, as the poems submitted by students, from all over the country, were of very high quality, imaginative and witty.

We would like to thank all the students that took part in this initiative for their hard work and commitment. We really believe that the teachers involved have good reasons to feel proud of their students, as we do, and that a good and clever use of English was put into practice.

Congratulations to all!

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